Consider the benefit of our PARTNER first and foremost

DO BEST CO., LTD. was established on December 1, 1988, as trading company. Since establishing EIN TEXTILE CO., LTD. On August 1, 1991, we have been producing and exporting eco-friendly recycled fibers. We have grown with our partners as we have built up our expertise from basics to cutting-edge technology

We are one of the best companies handling TEXTILE FIBER & YARN to advanced material, and have become an eco-friendly company that treats LIFE MATERIAL such as RAW COTTON, YARN, FELT, SUPER-FIBER, POLYESTER RESIN to HIGH-TECH MATERIAL and NEW RENEWABLE ENERGY.

DO BEST CO., LTD / EIN TEXTILES CO., LTD will continue to cooperate with our partners and focus on developing new materials working towards the goal of creating a better community and healthy future.